Published on 06/11/18 by Kimberly Schexnayder


1.  You pull up to your house and you aren't happy with what you see!  You notice that your house is lacking curb appeal and doesn't give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

2. Your commute is way longer than it should be. If you are traveling close to an hour or more to get to either work, school, church, or an important recreation in your life... it is time to move.

3. You start realizing that the great features of your house no longer apply to you.  Your lifestyle has changed dramatically. Your family size may have changed, perhaps you have a pup that needs a lot of running room, you need an home office, or the upstairs bedroom is killing your knees.

4. Relationship Miss or Bliss. You may have a significant other or roommate that just isn't working out. It happens but, what most people miss is that it could very well be the environment.  You may need more than 900 sqft , maybe an extra bathroom, or maybe a dishwasher to make living together possible.  On the flip side, you may be taking the next step with some one and decide that choosing a home that will meet both your needs will put the cherry on top of your union. 

5. There is a limited resource on this planet that everyone desires to have... LAND. Buying property is a great investment.  Do you have the desire to grow your wealth? Purchasing property is one way to grow your net worth. If you invest in a newly, flourishing neighborhood, you will definitely see your wallet grow.

6.  Unable to utilize the space. Are all your storage spaces jam packed? Do you have a room that seems to be a catch all? Are the kids getting too old to share a bedroom? You could also have an empty nest.

7. Safety.  Unfortunately, some areas do not feel safe anymore. Whether the city has done a bad job keeping up with the area, the nearby residents are disruptive, or maybe there are one too many potholes for your car to drive through- a new area can be the answer.

8.  Failure to launch, Reboot in Progress.  Did you graduate and somehow are still living with your parents or in-laws? Maybe you needed some financial support to get steady footing and you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Whatever the case may be, if you are starting to feel like you can spread your wings, the next step is fly out of the nest.

9. Family Matters. Family is a really important part of your life so, it is no surprise that many people move away based on family alone.  If you have an elderly family member that requires more care, school aged children that have to be in the right school district or maybe you are a little homesick. These are all good reasons to move.

10. In the famous words of Donna Meagle in Parks and Recreation... "TREAT YO' SELF" It may be time for an upgrade!!! That starter home is building equity and your paychecks are bigger now....treat yo' self to the house you deserve!  You could also be newly retired and know that the house in Suburbia isn't for you anymore... you need that fishing camp on the lake or maybe that high rise condo!

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